So, I’m up late tonight.

Just a bit of insomnia, as sometimes occurs with me. I’ve been poking around here on the web, hoping that sleep would overtake me, but I don’d have the best mattress from, and it seems to be a ways out, so what better way to while away the  last few hours of the morning than with a blog post on what is probably one of the bigger news stories of the decade: the death of terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden.

A lot has been said about the event. A whole lot. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen at least two or three books worth of material written, as I sat in front of Tweetdeck earlier this evening right when I saw @AaronBrazell first break it on my public timeline (who, I believe, was probably one of the very first in my circle of friends to reputably confirm that there was in fact a story there).

What can I possibly add to that?

Just a few observations, and perhaps some resources for folks looking to learn more about how the story was actually broken (instead of this load of tripe the NYT was shopping around earlier this evening).

  • In general, I’m pro-life. The obvious connotation is that means I’m anti-abortion, which I am, but it also means I’m, in general, against the taking of life in any form, be it state-sanctioned executions and assassinations, or vigilante “justice.”  As such, the national celebration of one mans death, no matter how atrocious that man was, makes me slightly uneasy.
  • I mean, doesn’t this just seem a little crass to you?
  • That said, saying that I’m feeling uneasy about celebrating the death of someone as evil as OBL makes me a little uneasy as well. Peer pressure, I s’pose.
  • None of that changes the fact that one very evil and deranged man has left the world, and that seems to make most people feel their personal political opinions more correct, judging from the look of my various social feeds.
  • Along those same lines, the death of Osama bin Laden has nothing to do with Donald Trump or birth certificates. You make me cringe every time you say that out loud and in public.
  • I seriously doubt this will have a lasting effect on the President’s popularity. Gas is still nearly $4 a gallon, the price of silver is going parabolic, and the national debt is wildly out of control.
  • I do feel the world is a bit safer now, though, for the record. That is, I think, both accurate and a good thing.
  • Strangely enough, I do feel that this is another positive moment for Twitter, and it actually bears saying, despite how poorly the company continues to be run. The type of liveblogging that went on, documenting the event as it happened, is exactly the perfect thing to hold up as a reason for its existence.
  • Danny Sullivan has a wonderful trip down memory lane, using Google as a vehicle to tell the story of the evolution of big data indexing and the value Google has built in the last decade.
  • The celebrating throngs in NYC surprised me a little, but not as much as the celebrations from the George Washington University kids in DC. Isn’t that campus supposed to be rife with the hate-America-first crowd?
  • A lot of the people interviewed on the network news at these celebrations said they had strong emotions running, ranging from “surreal,” to “jubilant,” to “out-of-body-ish experience,” whatever that means. I turned to my wife and asked if she had any feelings on the news. She definitely had opinions, but nothing I’d characterize as strong emotions. It leads me to wonder if I need to be in the middle of a mob of people right now to have some strong emotions on this, or if I’m just weird.

That’s about all the random thoughts I can muster on the topic.

In general, the tech blogs and some of the media blogs have done a much better job covering this breaking news than the mainstream outlets. I saw an absolute stinker of a post on the NYT talking about how the news supposedly leaked out that bin Laden was dead. WebProNews actually broke down the news to individual tweets. The NYT post more or less looks like vague suppositions assembled after the fact and hurriedly published to coincide with the President’s speech.

I’m rambling, so it must mean I’m getting tired. Thank goodness – about time.

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