I really don’t have the stomache to click on MG posts anymore, and the excerpt above clipped from Techmeme should tell you why.

Such reverence. His pre-amble reads like the invocation to a sermon on a Bible passage.

Seriously: get a grip. We can talk about devices and the individuals who run the companies that make them without resorting to elevating it to a religion.

This goes beyond being a fanboy.

Look: I like the XBox because I like games. I sort of like Android stuff, because it’s affordable mobile computing. I enjoy being able to customize my computers, so I like PCs.

Still, I don’t burn offerings to Bill Gates or Larry & Sergey. I use their products. I talk about the company dynamics involved around the initiatives for the products I like. I may even defend my favorite products with strongly worded editorial.

But for the love of all that’s actually holy, can we please all agree that MG just needs to stop for a while?

Heck, I’d likely be more kind to Apple products, if it weren’t for some of their fans.

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