Yes, this is indeed a picture of Josh Harris You’re already saying “OK, we get it, you don’t like Josh Harris.”

One thing you can say about Josh Harris that’s positive, though, is that he almost always evokes great press pieces, in the form of personal profiles and business profiles, or even documentaries.

But then again, a soccer streaker will always make the six o’clock news, right?

At any rate, Courtney Boyd Myers wrote an excellent piece over at TheNextWeb about Josh’s new startup (which I profiled a week or so ago here). Very well written, and a nice primer for anyone unfamiliar with Josh.

Also, I think, it glosses over some of the more glaringly negative aspects of his history (or at the very least fails to provide perspective and analysis on his current venture based on his past failures).

Still, definitely worth reading. It’s long, but you won’t regret spending the time on it.

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