The Daily Dot reports today that CNN anchor Don Lemon is headed for internet fame after accepting a Reddit “IAmA” invitation (hot on the heels of being featured on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show.

The spur of the newfound popularity comes from a comedic but most likely accurate observation by Stewart that Don Lemon “doesn’t much care for CNN,” or at least some of the goofy stories they force him to cover as anchor of CNN Newsroom Weekend.

As the Dot notes, Lemon would be “the first national news anchor to grace the IAmA stage,” but Lemon is no stranger to new media. We at SiliconANGLE first ran into Lemon at Blog World Expo in 2009. It was there that filmmakers Marc Ostrick and Michael Sean Wright found him mingling with the rank and file at the seminal New Media conference (first appearance, below, at 1:46).


“Don is interesting in that he sees no difference between the tools that everyone has and the tools that CNN have at their disposal,” said Wright this morning.

imageI was impressed by the depth of his geekery, as were his peers. Hugh Hewitt, a longtime Heritage Media personality who most consider to be an early adopter of New Media tactics, praised Lemon highly while also making sure to clarify that CNN clearly tries to piggy-back on Don Lemon’s early adopter status.

In Lemon’s second segment in Wright and Ostrick’s feature on that year’s Blog World Expo showed a propensity for the anchor to open up very easily to interviewers. If Lemon is as candid with Reddit as he was with us, this could be quite an interesting encounter.

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