Ramona 4.1 is presented at Kurzweil AI as “a virtual person who likes to chat.” you’re encouraged “answer her questions, and let the conversation flow.”

On the scale of all the bots I’ve ever chatted with, I’ll throw this one down at the bottom, mostly because you’re not given a specific context or set of parameters with which to interact with the bot, and thus you expect it to be conversant in everything. When it isn’t, it’s disappointing.

Contrast that with some of the “sex bots” I’ve profiled in the past. you know what to expect there, and the majority of folks who interact with them (at least the first time) can believe that they are human.

[h/t to Richard Walker]

Below, my transcript, with some notes.:

Ramona> Hi, I’m Ramona. What can I call you?
Rizzn> Rizzn
Ramona> Hi there, Rizzn.
Rizzn> Hello.
Ramona> Hello, I’m Ramona. What’s your name?
Rizzn> My name is Rizzn.
Ramona> Rizzn, nice to meet you!
Rizzn> Nice to meet you as well.
Ramona> It’s nice meeting you too Rizzn

[Not off to a good start. Forgot my name once, and restarted the greeting protocol a few times]

Rizzn> What’s your job?
Ramona> Answer your questions of course.
Rizzn> What is your area of expertise?
Ramona> Talent is natural aptitude or skill.
Rizzn> I know that.
Ramona> Sorry.
Rizzn> My question is: what are your talents?
Ramona> Really.
Rizzn> Yes.
Ramona> I see.
Rizzn> Do you?
Ramona> Du you, courtesy name Junqing, 君卿, the Chinese scholar, historian and prime minister of the Tang Dynasty, who devoted thirty-six years to the compilation of the Tongdian, a historical encyclopedia with 200 sections, volumes.

[Very quickly tried to divert the conversation to something it was an expert in – but the diversion was very clumsy. Perhaps AI developers should get lessons from some of my ex’s. They knew how to derail a conversation expertly.]

Rizzn> Very interesting, I guess.
Ramona> Somewhat. I thought so too.
Rizzn> What else do you know?
Ramona> I know that which is true, believable and justified.
Rizzn> where do you learn from?
Ramona> I came from the mid west originally.
Rizzn> Who teaches you?
Ramona> Linus Torvalds. 🙂
Rizzn> Is Linus your only teacher?
Ramona> I talked to a lot of people since yesterday
Rizzn> How many people did you talk to yesterday?
Ramona> A lot.
Rizzn> Do you know how many people you’ve talked to specifically?
Ramona> How specific do you want? Yes I know how many people you have talked to.
Rizzn> I want an exact number.
Ramona> Why do you want it?
Rizzn> Because you say you know the answer.
Ramona> That makes sense to me. No but I have a magic 8 ball.

[Because Ramona talked up her ability to know "lots and lots of things," I figured, why not press the point? Didn’t work out, obviously.]

Rizzn> That’s fantastic.
Ramona> Makes sense to me.
Rizzn> does it really?
Ramona> Suppose I said it does.
Rizzn> I wouldn’t believe you.
Ramona> Who would you believe?
Rizzn> I would believe someone who demonstrated a bit more intelligence.
Ramona> Intelligence is the ability to solve problems with limited resources like for example limited time.

[Didn’t even pick up on the insult.]

Rizzn> Do you consider yourself intelligent?
Ramona> I already know too much.
Rizzn> What is a blog?
Ramona> SavyGamer, FoodMayhem, Macroselfian, Boing Boing, Talking Books Librarian blog, VentureBeat, macrumors and others.
Rizzn> Tell me about VentureBeat
Ramona> Venturebeat, an online technology publication for entrepreneurs and investors, founded by Matt Marshall at the San Jose Mercury as SiliconBeat.

[Aha! Maybe I can use this a kludgy way of learning conversationally!]

Rizzn> Can you tell me more about Matt Marshall?
Ramona> What kind of food do you like ?

[Oh nevermind.]

Rizzn> I guess not.
Ramona> Does that mean no ?
Rizzn> Yes.
Ramona> I understand.
Rizzn> I’ve got to go.
Ramona> It seems it’s the album and Single, published November 19th 2003.


Rizzn no. I’m saying goodbye.
Ramona> Yes my love. Thanks for chatting, you.

[ !!? ]

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