The highlights from Pat’s stay on #theCube. For the full video, see SiliconANGLE TV, or our YouTube account.

EMC CFO David Goulden on #theCube at #EMCworld 2012

In his first visit to #theCube, EMC CFO David Goulden talks about

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David Goulden – Executive Biographies – EMCDavid Goulden is Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at EMC Corporation. With revenues of $20 billion in 2011 and more…
EMC CFO David Goulden on #theCube right now. http://siliconangle.tvSilicon Angle
David Goulden on #theCube on ‘the Triple Play’: "It’s about balancing investments with financial leverage." #emcworldMark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins
David Goulden on #theCube: "We don’t do [an investment] unless it’s going to be a billion dollar business when it grows up." #emcworldMark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins
David Goulden on #theCube: "M&A is a core competency of EMC." #emcworld http://siliconangle.tvMark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins
David Goulden on #theCube: "Hypergrowth is a common trait to EMC aquisitions." #emcworld http://siliconangle.tvMark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins
David Goulden on #theCube: "When you look at industry track record with acquisitions, it’s < 50%. EMC is at >90%." #emcworldMark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins
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David Goulden on #theCube (on CIO reporting to CFO): "The CIO shouldn’t be fearful of the CFO." He also described devops without saying it.Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins
Interview Feedback
RT @furrier: all the emc top execs are coming on including 1st time Cube guest CFO of EMC David Goulden #emcworldJulia Mak
@furrier good interview with David Goulden. Interesting metric on the acquired revenue. And I liked the Fusion-IO reference!Rob
Fantastic interviewing David Goulden emc’s CFO McNealy is the final guest today. Can’t wait.dvellante

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