Howard Elias on #theCube at #EMCworld 2012

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Howard D. Elias – Executive Biographies – EMCHoward Elias is President and Chief Operating Officer, EMC Information Infrastructure and Cloud Services. With revenues of $20 billion …
Howard Elias EMC President and COO on #thecube #emcworld http://siliconangle.tvWikibon
The Cube – EMCworld 2012 – Howard Elias, Part 1siliconangle
Howard Elias on #theCube: "EMC is a technology company at heart. Technology is required for business improvement, but not sufficient."Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins
Howard Elias on #theCube: "In the hybrid cloud, you don’t think of where it is or who manages it. The hybrid cloud is reality." #emcworldMark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins
Howard Elias of #EMC LIVE on the #theCube talking Transformation, view it at SiliconAngle.TV. @SiliconANGLE #EMCworld Fonseca
"The hybrid #Cloud is reality" – Howard Elias on #thecube #EMCWorld. Watch live: siliconangle.tvEMC Consulting
Howard Elias – Knowledge Sharing Awards CeremonyProvenProfessional
Howard Elias on #theCube: "The secret to our success isn’t a secret; just a whole lot of blocking and tackling." #emcworldMark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins
RT @rizzn: Howard Elias on #theCube: (quoting a partner) "[EMC] has a say/do ratio of 100%." #emcworld http://siliconangle.tvMike Spinney
#EMC’s Howard Elias talks shop in #thecube with @SiliconANGLE #EMCworld @EMCGS Spinney
Howard Elias on #theCube: "Most of EMC Services clients are engaging us on modernizing our applications, and the creating app strategies.Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins