According to a cartoonist (, Google employees are in the top three groups of contributors to the Obama campaign, when ranked by employer.

You’d think that despite their politics, as a group, Google would rather have a President that didn’t have it out for their employer in office. Since the President has taken office, there have been a number of high-profile attempts to break up the company into smaller parts and impose crippling restrictions on the search giant.

According to people I’ve known who work for the non-profit arm of Google, the founders of the company tend and trend libertarian in philosophy. You’d think they’d work harder to make sure that ethos infected their employees, rather than support financially and socially a candidate and a party that would rather see their company ended.

So here’s the question: Are Googler’s nuts in putting their trust in President Obama, or is Mitt Romney just as likely to pursue the crippling of the search giant as the current administration?

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