I got an email purporting to be from Mt Gox this morning, excitedly telling me about a new feature at Gox: a standalone trading client.

It seemed too good to be true; it was. Don’t trust it. It’s a phishing attempt.

Below is a conversation with Gox support I had this morning.

Linda Support has joined the room
Linda Support: Welcome to Mt.Gox Live Chat Support
Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins: I think there’s possible phishing attempt going on right now. looking to verify.
Linda Support: Hello.
Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins": Hello
Linda Support: How may I help you today?
Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins: i got an email that purported to be from you guys this morning.
Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins": it was entitled "Trading platform launch."
Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins: and had a linked exe file. is it legit or a phishing attempt?
Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins: email text:


We have a good news. We’ve been developing a software that will enhance your experience at Mt.Gox to the next level. This newly designed software is our premiere, feature-rich, downloadable trading platform that will be launched soon.

Currently, the software is in beta stage and we need your support. We are looking for beta testers who will help us get things better. There will be 200 licenses available so if you are interested, please sign up after installing the software.


Best regards, The Mt.Gox Team https://mtgox.com/
Thank you for the information.
Linda Support: Mtgox do not send email linked with .exe file.
Linda Support: It is a phishing website. Please do not access the link provided.
Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins: OK, thanks
Linda Support: You are welcome.
Linda Support: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins: I think that’ll do
Linda Support: Its been a pleasure assisting you today.
Linda Support: Thank you for contacting Mtgox chat support.
Linda Support: Have a nice day.
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