This is less of a guide to Dr. Who for Newcomers, and more of a guide to Dr. Who *by* a newcomer.

Every time my son Jacob and I go to the comic store, he wants a Dr. Who toy.

Jacob, who is six, has never watched an episode in his life.

So we were there at the store the other day, and again he asks for a Dr. Who toy, again. In response, I say to him “You can’t even tell me anything about Dr. Who. You don’t watch it.”

And then he proceeds to tell me all about Dr. Who. Apparently, he has researched it on the Internet.

Knowing my son, he probably remembered from the last time I’d told him that at the comic store, and had been sitting on the information for months, just waiting for me to bring it up again.

After we left the store, we went to Denny’s where I had him re-tell to me most of what he had told me in the store. It was just as good the second time around as the first.

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