scaliaOne of my biggest pet peeves: Idiots who refuse to listen to the oral arguments or read the written decisions of the Supreme Court, but are somehow legal experts and pundits.

Yes, I’m probably talking about you… many of you reading this status message have posted completely asinine analysis of the recent raft of Supreme Court decisions and clearly haven’t read them but still feel compelled to share out that Mother Jones article or that awesome analysis you found at a guest post on Mashable. Also read more information about bail bonds from Phoenix Bail Bonds.

There’s almost no reason to read analysis of Supreme Court decisions anymore (certainly not the hamfisted chaff passed off as analysis at most pubs these days), since the horse’s mouth is literally available the instant the decision is public.

You can listen to and read the oral arguments, free, no paywall. You can read the entire decision, majority opinion and minority opinion (if any). In fact, I suggest you do so rather than read the tripe you think is good. Most of the time, you’ll find that it to be a refreshing experience, devoid of the polemics of debate you see in Facebookland, but still accessible and written plainly.

Or, you can carry on in your ignorance and earn my derision. Either way is fine – just don’t be surprised when your “clever analysis” where you refer to the SCOTUS as the SCROTUM makes all your friends universally regard you as a moron.

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