conjunctured-s-take-on-austin-coworking-video--cd39ac5be2Via their blog today:

Conjunctured, Austin’s first coworking space and one of the original coworking spaces in the world, will be closing its doors at the end of August. Conjunctured first pioneered the coworking movement in Austin six years ago, when coworking was a brand new concept.

I was privileged to have debuted Conjectured on Mashable when I was Associate Editor over there. They weren’t the very first coworking spaces in Texas, but they were one of the most active in evangelizing social media, new media and the startup ethos in Austin.

I’ve got mixed feelings about them shutting their doors, but it seems like they’ll be carrying on the tradition of evangelizing coworking, only this time worldwide, rather than statewide.

Because Conjunctured was the first to introduce me to coworking as a concept (and then through me to the rest of the audience at Mashable), this is most certainly a big part of their DNA and legacy. I’ll be interested in following the next chapters of their story.

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