Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins

Partner at Barista.Ventures.
Founder at RogerWilco.Agency.
Creator of TheCUBE.
Futurist at IBM.


Regressive Silicon Valley

(This was originally a post on my Facebook wall) My good friend and professional peer Anne A. Ward was recently interviewed by CNN. It's a good watch; this episode, and the whole series. If you're not following this CNN series on Silicon Valley's issues with sexual...

Ask Doctor Bitcoin: A Quick Crypto FAQ.

For those who don't know, I'm a cryptocurrency fan. I've been following all of this very closely since 2011, and I enjoy learning more technical details around blockchain as well as theorizing and architecting new solutions utilizing blockchain. I also sell...

Ask Doctor Bitcoin: Do You Endorse the bitqy Token?

Update to this post (as of 8/31/17): I had hoped to hold off on a public announcement of my re-involvement with bitqyck, Inc., but due to my name being brought up on a Bitcoin Talk thread, I thought it prudent to update this blog post with more up to date information....

Let’s vote FOR a candidate, for a change.

Hey. I've been trying to tone down my political commentary this year in my public timeline and blog posts this year. Not sure how well I'm succeeding at that, but I feel like I have to say something that isn't a joke or meme after this last debate.   I'm breathing a...