SxSWi Is Officially Over

BTW, I’m aware SxSWi is over. I still haven’t worked through all my contacts and things I planned on getting done post-conference. Once I work through the list, I’ll take this post down, because I’ll assume that everyone is working on about the same timeframe as I am. I’m sort of ego-centric that way.

See? This is what I look like. Remember now?


There’s a pretty good chance you’re at this website because you just met me at SxSWi 2011 a few minutes ago. You probably have lots of questions. Hopefully I can answer them for you.

Who is this Rizzn guy again?

I’m the editor-in-chief for the SiliconANGLE network. I used to be associate editor at Mashable. I do a lot of writing, editing and coding over at SiliconANGLE. You probably saw me with my video camera doing an interview.

How do I get in touch with “the Rizzn?”

Seriously, you don’t have to call me “the Rizzn.” You can call me Mark, Rizzn, or “that tall lanky dude.” Whatever. Just don’t call me late for dinner. At any rate, my contact information is all over here on this page. If you need to get a hold of me quickly, phone me at 903-253-0143. There’s a handy widget somewhere on this page that display’s Gowalla and Google’s last known coordinates for me, too, so there’s that, if you want to stalk me while I’m in town. You can also use my Plancast feed to get a decent idea of where I might be.

Can you interview me?

Probably so. Send me a tungle request, but use my GMail address when you send the invite ( If you want to send me an email, I can’t guarantee a speedy reply this week, but you can hit me up with ( Tungle requests are the best way to go, seriously.

Are you doing the live video thing again this year?

Sadly, no. But I’d be glad to turn on a camera and publish it either on my personal blog, SiliconANGLE, MediaLab blog, or on the mini-documentary I’ll be publishing in a couple weeks.

Can I have a sticker?

Yeah. Find me and ask for one.

Can I have a job?

Possibly. Hit me up over email after the conference.