The SiliconANGLE

As you likely know, John Furrier started the SiliconANGLE network, and brought me on almost immediately thereafter. What began as a three-man blog has turned into something … well, significantly bigger. The most appropriate way to describe our venture is simply ‘media.’

Privately, I’ve described our organization as “Huffington Post meets 37 Signals.” We built most of our momentum through our open, peer-blogging model (very similar to the Huffington Post), but every blogger on board with SiliconANGLE from the beginning has had multiple hats. These jobs range from sales to engineering to consulting to R&D (very similar to how I understand 37 Signals to work).

As of the time of this writing, we now employ seven editors, several research analysts, a staff photographer, a director (for #theCube), and an ever growing pool of news writers. This is in addition to our 225 occasional contributors.

We have a video portal, news portal, a media lab, a photo blog, and a dozen or so silos of niche news aggregators.

In 2011, we’ll be announcing a lot of new ventures. I’m sure you’ll hear about them, but when I get a minute in between launching sites, I’ll update this post to reflect the current roster of properties.

[Updated 9/5: to reflect higher headcount and new branding.]